Does Center for Sight accept VSP (Vision Service Plan) or other similar vision plans?

No. Currently, VSP policy states that a physician cannot be a VSP provider if the practice does not have an optical shop. Center for Sight does not have an optical shop and therefore is not a VSP provider. This is the case for most “vision” plans. Also, vision plans typically do not pay for services if there is a medical diagnosis.

Do I need a referral to see a doctor at Center For Sight?

In most instances, a referral is not necessary. However, if you belong to an HMO or other managed care plan, it might be necessary for our office to receive an authorization for services (referral) prior to your visit. Please inquire from your insurance company if this is necessary.

Does Center For Sight do routine exams?

Yes. Although we do not provide glasses or typical soft contact lenses, Center For Sight does perform the annual exams. We will recommend an optical resource suited to your needs and desires.

Do you accept Medicare?

Yes. We accept Medicare assignment.

What are refractions?

A refraction is the determination of the optical state of the eyes. It is typically a non-covered procedure by medical insurances. Our charge for a refraction is $40.

Where do you perform your LASIK surgery?

Our doctors perform LASIK at two locations. Depending on the treatment required or technique used, they perform the surgery in our north location and LASER EYE CENTER.

Does Center for Sight have an optical shop?

Center for Sight does not have an optical shop. During your visit, the doctor will determine the refractive state of your eyes and recommend an optical source suited to your needs and desires.

Does Center For Sight see children?

Yes. Center For Sight sees children of all ages. Even children that cannot verbalize what they see, can be tested in various ways. If your family has a history of crossed eyes or “lazy eye”, it is even more important for your child to be examined at a young age (1-2 years old).

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