Center for Sight accepts almost all major medical insurance plans including Medicare.

If you have a medical eye problem and have benefits with a health care plan that requires a referral to see a specialist, it is your responsibility to have the appropriate referral from your primary care doctor before you are seen. This is the case with most HMO and managed care plans that have a primary care provider (PCP on your card). If there is a question please call your insurance plan phone number listed on your card (usually listed as a pre-certification or benefits number on the back of the card).

Because we do not have our own optical shop, Center for Sight is not a provider for Vision Service Plan (VSP) as well as other vision plans. These plans cover routine eye care and are not covered by your medical insurance. Although we also provide routine eye care, our services are not covered by these plans. Some vision plans will reimburse a certain amount for services provided by out-of-network providers.

Please click here for a partial list of our participating insurance companies. Please feel free to contact Center for Sight for information on additional insurance plans.

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