We at Center for Sight believe in making patients our top priority. Dry Eye patients spend a lot time each day administering numerous drops, ointments, and medications, and sometimes with no relief.  That is why we want to share our dry eye expertise.

Center for Sight is now offering a variety of services to treat dry eye depending on the cause.  

Thermal Expression (In-Office Treatments)

Intense Pulse Light Therapy (IPL)

Intense Pulse Light Therapy (IPL) treatment is intended for patients with moderate to severe dry eye disease, especially those with blepharitis, ocular rosacea, or meibomian gland dysfunction. IPL is a light therapy that uses a broad range of wavelengths to warm the skin, and close down any abnormal blood vessels present. It acts as a powerful warm compress and helps to soften oil secretions that have plugged the meibomian glands. The IPL device delivers light to the treatment area on the upper part of your face and across the nose region while shields protect your eyes from the light. The area treated may be slightly flushed and red for a short time following the procedure. There is a tingling sensation associated with this procedure, but most patients tolerate it well.

Microblepharo Exfoliation

The Microblepharo Exfoliation device enables eye-care professionals to reduce bacterial debris and biofilm from your lid margin, with the goal of improving the overall health of the eyelid and decreasing low-grade chronic inflammation.The in-office procedure takes approximately 15-20 minutes and numbing drops may be used to increase comfort. Irritation, if noted, is typically short-lived and resolved before leaving the office.The Microblepharo Exfoliation procedure needs to be repeated at regular intervals to keep the disease from returning – similar to the need to brush your teeth after visiting your dentist. We recommend typically three times per year for maximum clinical outcomes.

Amniotic Membranes

Amniotic membranes are a therapeutic device applied to the eye in order to protect, repair, and heal a damaged ocular surface. It expedites the healing process and reduces patient discomfort.This device is made with amniotic membrane tissue. The tissue utilized in the lens has been donated by consenting mothers after C-section births. The donors are fully informed, have healthy lifestyles, and are carefully tested for infectious diseases prior to the donation process.An amniotic membrane may be used for severe medical burns, dry eye disease, and many other ocular surface irregularities.

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