These deluxe lens implants are designed to increase freedom from glasses in those patients having cataract or lens based surgery. Each lens is unique in design and has its own unique advantages. A consultation with your eye surgeon will determine which lens is best for each patient based on his or her needs and examination.

  • AcrySof ® ReSTOR ®
    • The ReSTOR ® lens utilizes an optical technology called “apodization” and allows light rays to be focused simultaneously for both distance and reading activities. Acrysofrestor.com
  • Tecnis® Multifocal
    • This Tecnis® multifocal lens uses different zones of focus to allow distance and near vision after cataract surgery. It works much like a mutifocal contact lens.
  • AcrySof ® Toric
    • The Acrysof Toric lens is designed to reduce the need for distance glasses in those patients that have cataracts and astigmatism. allaboutvision.com/acrysof-toric
  • Crystalens ®
    • The crystalens ® accommodating lens is designed to work like the natural human lens. The natural lens uses the ciliary muscle to move the lens and allows the eye to focus on the subject at hand. The crystalens works the same way. crystalens.com
crystalens ®, AcrySof ® ReSTOR ®, AcrySof ® Toric, and Tecnis® multifocal are registered trademarks of their respective companies.

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