Top Five Reasons to Choose Center for Sight for LASIK

1. Voted ‘Top Doc’ for LASIK in Indianapolis


Over the past 20 years, thousands of doctors, teachers, first responders and more have turned to Dr. Behforouz for better vision. His commitment to next level care is apparent in his approach; he is with you every step of the way! It’s because of this, combined with his unsurpassed results, that so many medical professionals put their trust in him. 

2. LASIK is Affordable

As caring eye care providers, we understand price is a concern. Most are surprised to learn that LASIK at Center for Sight, a one-time investment for a lifetime of benefits, is surprisingly affordable. Our price is affordable and all inclusive, no additional fees, everyone gets our best. We offer 0% interest financing up to 12 months and you can use your flex plan on LASIK and use your tax free dollars to save even more.  

3.  Next Level Technology!


We believe it is important for a LASIK center to offer the most advanced technology that is also permanently on-site. In addition to this Center for Sight offers Contoura technology: next level technology for next level results!

  • Conventional LASIK surgery maps only 200 points on the cornea, the Contoura vision surgery maps 22000 points on cornea delivering exceptionally precise results.
  • With Contoura, patients see reduced incidence of visual complaints like night vision symptoms sometimes associated with traditional LASIK.
  • Based on results of clinical studies, LASIK with Contoura helped approximately 90% of individuals enhance their vision to the point of seeing more clearly after LASIK than they did with glasses!

4. The Doctor Other Doctors Choose!

Dr. Reisha Patel depends on her vision for precision during the procedures she performs on her “tiny” patients. Dr. Behforouz was able to provide her with with her contacts and glasses thanks to LASIK!

Understanding LASIK

5. The start of your journey to better
vision is FREE with us.




















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